1930’s Hair in it’s Modern Day Form

Hello, Maria here and I am so excited to tell you all about 1930s vintage hair!

Ladies, find your grandma’s roller set, a bristle brush and curling lotion and start practicing because 1930s hair is back! Old world glamour in the 1930s is characterized by shorter, waved hair defined by curls. Women with longer hair usually styled their hair in a luxurious s-wave or put their hair in a low chignon. No worries if your hair is not long enough for any of these styles, purchase our 30-day treatment for fuller, longer hair guaranteed!

Miracles Hair Salon 2011

In the movie Water for Elephants, which takes place in a 1930s circus, Reese Witherspoon’s character epitomizes the 1930s look.

Reese’s look can be achieved by doing a combination finger wave in front and a roller set on the rest of the hair. Once the roller set is done drying, a pick comb can be used to break up the curl. In this case, a little frizz in the back is part of the look!

Miracles Hair Salon 2011

Women of the 1930s also incorporated beautiful silk scarves worn as headbands which were used as an accessory.

Miracles Hair Salon 2011

Let’s not leave out long haired women who wore their hair down in gorgeous s-wave curls. If your hair is very long, you will definitely have to set your hair in rollers and allow it to dry for approximately an hour and a half. Once the hair is dry, a bristle brush is used to smooth out the curl.

Miracles Hair Salon 2011

1930s glamour hair has also hit the wedding scene incorporating gorgeous low chignons and fun birdcage veils. The chignon can be loose or tight but must be low at the nape and a few gorgeous waves in front and your hair is instantly 1930s chic!

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Happy Spring and Happy Rolling!

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