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Blooming Bride by Miracles

Our blooming bride rocked a Taylor Swift inspired loose bun. She was teased at the crown for height, sprayed with Redken Hot Sets and curled with a 1 inch barrel curling iron. The curls were loosely pinned into place at the nape of her neck and secured with my favorite strong hold hairspray, #23 by Redken. To purchase these products click here

You looked amazing Allison, congratulations from everyone at Miracles.

Wedding Updo

Wedding Bliss

Wedding March

Hair by Voula Kapasouris

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Awesome Hair for Fall 2010

Hello Everyone,

All of us notice when a redhead walks into a room, her eyes pierce and her skin just glows. Red hair is hot this season . Fiery red or rich chocolate and coppery blonde , it really makes a powerful statement. Whether you want to go intense or subtle, just make sure that the color complements your eyes and skin tone.

FALL PREDICTIONS:fall hair 2010

-Natural looks using various levels on the same color shades.
-Bohemian looser curls using a roller set or a large barrel curling iron.
-Hair extensions in color that add a fun new dimension without the use of chemicals.
-Milk Chocolate hair with dark red highlights.
-Natural copper blondes with long angular layers.
-Avant-garde reds in mahogony/violet cool tones. Try heavy highlights on the BOTTOM and thin ones ON TOP for a textured look.
-Golden red for gray hair is amazing and it has a long lasting effect because the warm tones mimic the natural effect of graying hair. Youth has NOTHING on the allure of experience!
-For that sparkle around the face, just add caramel highlights on the crown and sides every 4 months or so.
redken fall 2010
Please remember that red color is NOTORIOUS for fading fast, so please use hair products for color treated hair. Apply hair product the same way you dress for an occasion; subtle and classic for work and daytime, and heavy and wild for those fiery nights!

Have a great Fall season and see you soon at the salon.

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Did you know, it hurts being a blonde, Literally!

Being a blonde, an itchy situation
I’ve been a blond two years now, and let me tell you something, IT HURTS! Every two weeks I do my roots because I can’t bear to see my dark, unsightly roots pearcing through my scalp. I don’t look forward to doing my root touch-up, and not because I have to sit there for an hour while I process. As soon as the color goes on my scalp it begins to itch and burn. My sister asks me why I continue to make myself blonde if twice monthly I suffer for an hour while my hair changes color. It’s not just while the color is on my scalp that it is painful, but for two days after I have an uncontrollable itch in the back of my head. Okay people, I promise you I am not making this up. Not everyone itches with haircolor, but at least half of the people do!

Barry & Micheal

Wouldn’t it be great if being a blonde wasn’t so painful? What ingredients makes me suffer? Well, I’ve found out the answer. Miracles Salon (Arlington, VA) had an educational color class this past Thursday for a new colorline, Affinage. This color is not abrassive like other colors, it will not fade, it most certainly won’t make your scalp itch (even if you are trying to lighten in significantly). What makes it stand out the most is that it is sulfate-free.
Well why should you care about using a sulfate-free shampoos and hair colors? There are many health concerns lately with sulfates leading the way for an industry of sulfate-free products. Using products with sulfates can actually damage your hair follicle, and yes can lead to HAIR LOSS! Sulfates are used as a preservative in almost everything, but when used on your head, they strip the hair and your scalp of natural oils you need, causing your hair to dry out; not to mention that it strips away your hair color making your salon visits more frequent.

So after Micheal, the educator for Affinage in Las Vegas formulated my color…. the color went on my scalp with, ghasp, not an itch or burn in sight! I’m sold on the sulfates, I hope you are too 🙂 Please vote for Miracles for best Salon.


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The Peoples Choice Awards….Celebrity Hairstyles

Happy New Year!

We at Miracles Salon wish you all happiness and health for 2010! An arctic start here in the Washington, D.C. area, but that doesn’t mean that under those hats, hoods and scarves we shouldn’t have red carpet-worthy hair.

The new year is starting off with a bunch of award shows where celebrities are going to be wearing the seasons must haves and ofcourse, the “it” hair styles. This past Sunday was the People’s Choice Awards, and on January 17th the Golden Globe awards will be airing on TV. I know Racheal Zoe must be in a scramble trying to find the must have dresses of the season, and accessories to match. So, as we brace the winter chills, spring fashions will be in full force.

What was going on at the People’s Choice Awards? There was one overall trend when it came to hair, most celebrities had their hair down in a soft wave: Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba, Carrie Underwood– but also Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman who opted for the flat iron look. Ladies, I keep saying it, bring those hot rollers out! With a little bit of practice, it should take you no more than ten minutes to have red carpet hair!

I don’t think this trend is going anytime soon, I wonder if it’s going to continue to the Golden Globes, or will they muster up something new? I guess we shall have to wait and see. Until then, plug in those hot rollers and pull out the hairspray!

Happy Curling!

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What are you doing for New Years….?

Right after Thanksgiving, I started getting asked the same question by my clients and friends…”what are you doing for New Years?” I don’t know why, but this question stresses me out! I hadn’t even prepared for Christmas, how can I begin to start to think about New Years. Well, we at the salon have successfully survived the Christmas rush, so 2010 here we come!

Naturally as a girl you first think, what am I going to wear? Ha! So I have the dress, hopefully it isn’t ridiculously cold where I have to cover it up with my Arctic Parka!

my dress

Okay so we have the dress covered, shoes and bag can be found in my overflowing closet, so now what next? HAIR! What kind of hairstyle do I want? I’m thinking a New Years Eve blowout will do the trick! Face it ladies, your blowdry always looks better when it’s done by a professional.

Miracles Salon is hosting a New Years Eve Blowout Party–champagne, chocolate and strawberries all day long! We will be open from 9am-9pm for you to come get your New Years Blowout, so be sure to make your appointments soon! For the ladies that don’t want a blowdry, make your requests: up-dos, down-dos, goddess curls, waxing, make-up and more! Make sure when the ball drops, you and your hair are still looking good. Get those kissing lips glossed and the hair coiffed, 2010 here we come!
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goddess curlsupdo

*The dress is from Neiman Marcus: Sequin-Necklace Tunic Dress by Nicole Miller

Rating 4.00 out of 5