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Chromatics…haircolor that leaves hair 2x stronger

The haircolor of the future has arrived. Miracles salon introduces the new Chromatics Hair Color Line from Redken.This new prismatic hair coloring has ZERO AMMONIA. ZERO ODOR.

Chromatics prismatic permanent haircolor delivers 4-D color results deep into every strand. Zero ammonia, zero odor-just stunning, high shine color and hair that’s 2X stronger.

Chromatics prismatic permanent color uses breakthrough ODS² + Protein Extract Technology to deliver multi-dimensional, 4D color results deep into every hair strand.

Here is how it works:

-A mixture of dyes, oil and protein extracts surrounds the hair’s cuticle
-ODS² propels dyes and protein extracts into the cortex
-The hair strand is 2X fortified and infused with multi-dimensional color
-The Oil Delivery System allows for active ingredients to be deposited more efficiently, and for this reason only a small amount of MEA – similar to the amount of MEA in traditional demi-permanent/tone-on-tone haircolors – is needed to minimally swell the hair strand and guarantee the performance of the color.

The results are:

– Ultimate Gray Coverage
– Multi-Dimensional Reflection
– Radiant Shine
– Lasting Vibrancy

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Did you know, it hurts being a blonde, Literally!

Being a blonde, an itchy situation
I’ve been a blond two years now, and let me tell you something, IT HURTS! Every two weeks I do my roots because I can’t bear to see my dark, unsightly roots pearcing through my scalp. I don’t look forward to doing my root touch-up, and not because I have to sit there for an hour while I process. As soon as the color goes on my scalp it begins to itch and burn. My sister asks me why I continue to make myself blonde if twice monthly I suffer for an hour while my hair changes color. It’s not just while the color is on my scalp that it is painful, but for two days after I have an uncontrollable itch in the back of my head. Okay people, I promise you I am not making this up. Not everyone itches with haircolor, but at least half of the people do!

Barry & Micheal

Wouldn’t it be great if being a blonde wasn’t so painful? What ingredients makes me suffer? Well, I’ve found out the answer. Miracles Salon (Arlington, VA) had an educational color class this past Thursday for a new colorline, Affinage. This color is not abrassive like other colors, it will not fade, it most certainly won’t make your scalp itch (even if you are trying to lighten in significantly). What makes it stand out the most is that it is sulfate-free.
Well why should you care about using a sulfate-free shampoos and hair colors? There are many health concerns lately with sulfates leading the way for an industry of sulfate-free products. Using products with sulfates can actually damage your hair follicle, and yes can lead to HAIR LOSS! Sulfates are used as a preservative in almost everything, but when used on your head, they strip the hair and your scalp of natural oils you need, causing your hair to dry out; not to mention that it strips away your hair color making your salon visits more frequent.

So after Micheal, the educator for Affinage in Las Vegas formulated my color…. the color went on my scalp with, ghasp, not an itch or burn in sight! I’m sold on the sulfates, I hope you are too 🙂 Please vote for Miracles for best Salon.


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Great Gift for the men in your life

June is the month for fathers, and as a daughter, I try to think of a present my father will like, use and appreciate. Unfortunately, I don’t think I ever get it right. The expensive “junk” I buy him always ends up in a drawer at his house that I never end up seeing. The plethora of ties and colognes he hates the smell of always end up here, along with the fancy gadgets my simple father never uses.

I understand we all don’t have fathers to buy a thoughtful little gift for; but we have boyfriends we would like to father our children, husbands who have given us children, and those nice men in our lives who we would like to call our fathers. All these people in our lives deserve a nice gift on June 21st, right? Something a little bit nicer than a tie or a grill set! special-men

What could this present be? Don’t worry, we at Miracles Salon have the answer! Click on the picture to see what an amazing offer we have for the men in your life! Pamper the man or father in your life with this amazing offer from Miracles Salon! What are you waiting for. Buy one today. Visit us at to buy your Fathers Day gift today.

For $25 (an $80 value) you give him:
-a haircut and style
-shampoo and conditioning treatment
-scalp massage
-paraffin hand wax and massage
-hot towel and face toner/shampoo after cut
-free touch up after ten days

Rating 3.50 out of 5

Where are all the great hair colorists hiding?

Hi, Voula Here:

Coloring your hair can be a big step, particularly if you’ll be lightening or darkening your hair more than a shade or two. While hair coloring can be done successfully at home, it carries with it a certain degree of stress and headache. There are so many factors to consider from selecting the proper shade, selecting the right products, to using them effectively. Sometimes you need the help of a professional hair colorist to get the results you want without falling victim to a “bad dye job.” If you need professional consultation before taking the big step, here’s how to find the right hair colorist:

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Are you looking for a new hair color?


Have you ever wondered what your new ‘do would look like colored in different ways? With so many color choices, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and a little anxious about changing your hair color as it may not turn out the way you hoped.At, we hope to make your choice a little bit easier by showing you how simple it is to see what the same haircut would look like in all different colors.This month we have chosen to look at a medium texture, medium length concave bob to give you a better understanding about what kind of impact color choice makes to your cut.The Cut

This style has edge and funk written all over it with its razored asymmetric lines and random layers cut throughout to make a dramatic statement.
The Back: has been razored at different lengths with the shortest length sitting in the middle and long random pieces finishing the look through to the sides.






Blonde With Dark Brown Highlights Dark Red Mocha Brown
This is a creative color which features a two tone effect of brown/red highlights to give the cool blonde tone a hint of warmth and to really show off the face framing layers to perfection. This color will work best on olive, peaches and cream, and fair to light skin tones.
We all love our red tones but can sometimes be a little wary about having them done as red is a very bright and out there color. This hair color needs a lot of care but it really does complement this artistic style completely making the cut, style and color look fantastic. This color will look best on olive and dark complexions.
If you love to keep your colors simple and effective then this is the perfect tone for you. This color will give your hair a gorgeous glow but will also show off the cut in all its glory. This tone will suit pale to light, olive, peaches and cream and dark complexions. It is quite a neutral color.
Honey Blonde Copper Blonde Dark Violet
This warmish blonde can complement your style in all the right ways, but it is quite high maintenance and regrowth touch ups will be needed regularly to keep this color always looking its best. This color will suit fair to light and peaches and cream complexions.
If you love to stand out then this true copper blonde style is the way to go. This style will really show off every inch of this edgy cut. This color will work well on peaches and cream and pale to light complexions.
If you love black tones but are a little scared to go that dark, why not try this deep violet? It’s not black but will give you a good indication of what very dark hair will look like on you. It of course looks great with this cut and will work best on olive, pale to light and dark complexions.
Rating 4.00 out of 5