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Introducing….BEACH WAVES!

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning and not have to do anything to your hair? Just wash and go…. and have these amazing beach waves with bounce and shine?

Miracles is proud to introduce our signature “beach waves.” Think Brazilian Keratin Treatment, but instead of straight you get wavy. It won’t damage your hair, but instead will make it healthy, shiney and frizz-free by sealing in Keratin into your hair shaft. It’s just $175

This process is new, and only offered at Miracles Salon (1501 Wilson Blvd. Arlington, VA 2209). It’s formaldehyde-free so you don’t have to worry about any harmful effects to your body. It won’t damage your hair or your body! Lasts up to five months, and then your hair goes back to its original state. The process takes about 1 1/2 (hours) to do, and you’ll leave the salon a new you.

This new innovative process will save you time in the morning. No more curling irons and no more hot rollers! Say goodbye to bad hair days! Wake up to perfectly wavy hair every morning. What are you waiting for?

Leave the perms for your grandmother, they are a thing of the past!

Please call the salon to book your appointment or for any questions: (703)-516-9800.

Check out our new product line, it’s sulfate and paraben-free: Miracles by Olympia

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Sand, Surf and Sun Damage? I can help…

Unfortunately, summer has come to an end and all that is left behind is our beat up hair from the sand, surf and sun. I have guests coming in everyday complaining about the state of their hair. No one ever thought that their hair would pay the price for their Caribbean or Riviera vacation. Now, the days will soon become bitter cold, and the holidays are quickly approaching. We all must be in tip top shape for pictures with Santa!


As a stylist, I need to have the answers. First, great products are a must. Over the counter products like Pantene and Suave just don’t cut it. They are mostly water based and all they do is superficially make your hair look “shiny” with wax build up. A great site to visit is They offer top of the line products like Kerastase and Bumble and Bumble to quickly repair your hair. Ladies, don’t be cheap, you get what you pay for. Any professional product, regardless of the brand is better than using drugstore products. They also offer a vast amount of flat irons, blow-dryers and curling irons for your hair styling needs. Look for something ionic and ceramic to make sure you aren’t frying your hair with continuous heat.


Another must-have for your hair is a deep conditioning treatment once or twice a week to quench your hairs thirst. Miracles Hair Oil is a great option for the organic conscious. It was developed by Olympia Hantzopoulos, owner of Miracles Salon in Arlington, Virginia. It is available for purchase at the salon or on our website, Click Here. Check out the blog post about the Miracles Hair Oil for more information.


Lastly, it is pertinent that you maintain a trimming regime every six to eight weeks. A good “trim” will ensure that your split ends are getting cut off (and not moving up the hair shaft) and your hair is looking its’ best. It is also a chance for you to have forty five minutes with your stylist to discuss any hair concerns you may have and a chance to get some suggestions. Build a friendship with your stylist who is their to make sure your hair looks its best. Don’t be afraid to ask him/her questions, they are there to help you. Take advantage of their knowledge! Looking for a great stylist? Come to Miracles Salon and visit me, Voula for a consultation.


Must-Have Hair Products

– A good nourishing shampoo

*something that will work inside and out

– An everyday light conditioner

*find something with vegetable protein

– A hair mask/oil for once or twice weekly

*you can also have this done in the salon

-Styling product

*product is necessary not optional for great looking hair


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