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Miracles Salon supports the 3/50 Project

Hello everyone,

I recently came across this site and it has made my small business heart sing. I truly believe that small business is the backbone of our country. Independent brick & mortar stores need to survive. I have nightmares of becoming extinct all the time.Founder of the 3/50 project
Cinda Baxter, a retail consultant has a great idea on how to save mom & pop’s:
-Pick 3 small businesses that you like
-Spend $50 a month have saved the local economy
The Founder of the 3/50 Project estimates that $68 for every $100 spent locally returns to the community through taxes, payroll and such. Compare that with $43 if you spend on a national chain, and the big whopper? Spend it ONLINE….and NOTHING comes home. It makes sense to me, how about you?

Here is a press release for the 3/50 Project and here’s hoping that small businesses survive.

Former Retailer Provides Her Own Economic Stimulus Plan for Main Street

The 3/50 Project unites small business and consumers in stabilizing their local economy
Minneapolis, MN, March 19, 2009 — Having been an independent stationery store owner for
fourteen years, Cinda Baxter understood the pain felt by retailers when the economy sank and
consumers held back. What began as an economic downturn in the autumn had become a
psychological tsunami by March 1st.
What the country needed, in her opinion, was a meeting of the minds between two groups that
held valuable stakes in the game—small business owners and members of their communities.
Enter The 3/50 Project.
With a tag line “Save your local economy three stores at a time,” the Projectʻs goal is to promote
shopping in locally owned businesses while thanking customers for the positive impact that
decision has on a local economy.
“Weʼre constantly inundated with doom and gloom,” says Baxter, now a retail consultant and
professional speaker. “The system is broken, the banks are frozen, the economy is bleeding.
Thatʼs all we hear. The images painted by the media are ghastly and devoid of hope. What we
need—what we crave—as a nation is to pinpoint areas where positive change can occur, then
feel good about having promoted them.”
By early March, sheʼd decided enough was enough, and that it was time to give retailers
ammunition to fight back with. Rather than get tangled in complex messaging and deployment,
Baxter combined a straightforward theme, a free flyer, and her blog as the mechanism to launch
The 3/50 Project.
“We ask consumers to think about which three stores theyʼd miss if they disappeared, then
remind them to return there,” explains Baxter. “Shoppers have become so rooted in thinking
about the essentials that theyʼve forgotten about the little gift store on the corner whose owner
remembers their name.”
“Fifty comes from the idea that if even half the employed population spent a mere $50 per
month in locally owned retail stores, those purchases would generate more than $42.6 billion in
revenue,” she continues. “Thatʼs a huge impact for a relatively small investment.”
Which leads to a third number on the flyer, sixty-eight—the dollar amount that remains in a
communityʼs economy for every $100 spent in locally owned stores. By contrast, only $43 per
one hundred remains local when spent in national chains; little or no revenue results from online
“In essence, the whole thing boils down to ʻPick 3, spend 50, save the economy.ʼ Itʼs really that
– more –
Since ease of use was key to store owners jumping on board, Baxter designed a free flyer for
participants to download, print on any color printer, then hand to consumers with their
purchases. “The idea is to look customers in the eye, put this right in their hands, and say ʻthank
you for shopping in a locally owned storeʼ rather than just pop these in the bottom of a bag and
hope someone sees them.”
Within 24 hours of providing the link on her blog, things began to light up. Retailers were sharing
the flyer with other businesses. Property managers were spreading the news to tenants. Thank
you notes were arriving via email every hour. Trade publications and blogs were asking about
guest posts and columns promoting the plan, and a movie theater requested a copy large
enough to display on their screens for waiting audiences to view.
“The best part about 3/50 is that itʼs so down to earth, so straightforward, so accessible,” reflects
the enthusiastic champion of independent retailers. “This is a labor of love that store owners and
customers can share.”
Given the level of interest, a dedicated website has been established to promote the movement,
link to the free flyer, and list participating retailers and other supporters. It can be found at
About Cinda Baxter:
Cinda Baxter understands retail from the inside out. Her commitment to exceeding customer
expectations resulted in two national Retailer Excellence Awards and frequent press coverage
ranging from Minnesota Monthly to Modern Bride. Today, she “pays it forward” to both retailers
and vendors through her consulting company Always Upward, as a Contributing Editor for Gifts
and Decorative Accessories Magazine, and as founder of The 3/50 Project.
Widely recognized as an expert in the gift and stationery industry, Cindaʼs resumé includes
seats on some of its most distinguished advisory boards: AmericasMart Atlanta, the National
Stationery Show, Retailer Networks Incorporated, and the Gift and Home Trade Association
(GHTA), where she also served on the Board of Directors. Her most recent appointment to the
Gift for Life Board of Directors is of particular note. Sheʼs been a featured speaker at numerous
trade shows, including the Hong Kong Gift and Premium Show, the New York International Gift
Show, the Los Angeles Gift Show, and the National Stationery Show—and at several regional
marts, including Dallas, Chicago, Seattle, and Boston. Whether addressing an audience of
independent retailers or international business leaders, her focus remains constant—creating
As founder of acclaimed online communities RetailSpeaks (independent gift and stationery
retailers) and Brilliant Ink (professional stationers dedicated to original design), Cinda is
considered a pioneer of social networking in the retail industry—a reflection of her passion to
help community based business survive and thrive for years to come.

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Did you know, it hurts being a blonde, Literally!

Being a blonde, an itchy situation
I’ve been a blond two years now, and let me tell you something, IT HURTS! Every two weeks I do my roots because I can’t bear to see my dark, unsightly roots pearcing through my scalp. I don’t look forward to doing my root touch-up, and not because I have to sit there for an hour while I process. As soon as the color goes on my scalp it begins to itch and burn. My sister asks me why I continue to make myself blonde if twice monthly I suffer for an hour while my hair changes color. It’s not just while the color is on my scalp that it is painful, but for two days after I have an uncontrollable itch in the back of my head. Okay people, I promise you I am not making this up. Not everyone itches with haircolor, but at least half of the people do!

Barry & Micheal

Wouldn’t it be great if being a blonde wasn’t so painful? What ingredients makes me suffer? Well, I’ve found out the answer. Miracles Salon (Arlington, VA) had an educational color class this past Thursday for a new colorline, Affinage. This color is not abrassive like other colors, it will not fade, it most certainly won’t make your scalp itch (even if you are trying to lighten in significantly). What makes it stand out the most is that it is sulfate-free.
Well why should you care about using a sulfate-free shampoos and hair colors? There are many health concerns lately with sulfates leading the way for an industry of sulfate-free products. Using products with sulfates can actually damage your hair follicle, and yes can lead to HAIR LOSS! Sulfates are used as a preservative in almost everything, but when used on your head, they strip the hair and your scalp of natural oils you need, causing your hair to dry out; not to mention that it strips away your hair color making your salon visits more frequent.

So after Micheal, the educator for Affinage in Las Vegas formulated my color…. the color went on my scalp with, ghasp, not an itch or burn in sight! I’m sold on the sulfates, I hope you are too 🙂 Please vote for Miracles for best Salon.


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The Peoples Choice Awards….Celebrity Hairstyles

Happy New Year!

We at Miracles Salon wish you all happiness and health for 2010! An arctic start here in the Washington, D.C. area, but that doesn’t mean that under those hats, hoods and scarves we shouldn’t have red carpet-worthy hair.

The new year is starting off with a bunch of award shows where celebrities are going to be wearing the seasons must haves and ofcourse, the “it” hair styles. This past Sunday was the People’s Choice Awards, and on January 17th the Golden Globe awards will be airing on TV. I know Racheal Zoe must be in a scramble trying to find the must have dresses of the season, and accessories to match. So, as we brace the winter chills, spring fashions will be in full force.

What was going on at the People’s Choice Awards? There was one overall trend when it came to hair, most celebrities had their hair down in a soft wave: Mariah Carey, Jessica Alba, Carrie Underwood– but also Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman who opted for the flat iron look. Ladies, I keep saying it, bring those hot rollers out! With a little bit of practice, it should take you no more than ten minutes to have red carpet hair!

I don’t think this trend is going anytime soon, I wonder if it’s going to continue to the Golden Globes, or will they muster up something new? I guess we shall have to wait and see. Until then, plug in those hot rollers and pull out the hairspray!

Happy Curling!

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Blazing Hair……highlights and lowlights from Scruples

ScruplesBlazing-Low-Lights-Miracles just took a color class, it was Blazing! Blazing is a highlighting & color system by Scruples. So, what did we learn?

Olympia (L) & the educator for Scruples (Pam Anderson)
Olympia (L) & the educator for Scruples (Pam Anderson)

Voula getting blonder
Voula getting blonder

Ray & Ritu
Ray & Ritu
Have you ever been to a salon, and been shown a swatch of color that your hair was going to look like, but wasn’t even close? Are you tired of those brassy, reddish tones that you call your “highlights.” There is no need for sitting under a dryer for longer than 15 minutes. Well what if I tell you that now you have the opportunity to get exactly what you ask for?
Maria checking the blazing!
Maria checking the blazing!

With your new Blazing color, you will maintain your healthy, shiny hair WITH a beautiful color. No need to spend HOURS lifting and toning in the salon. This one step highlighting system is brand new, and MIRACLES SALON has it! Over eight different colors to choose from, ranging from a red to platinum!

Call to check availability for appointments.
Miracles Salon
1501 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA 22209
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How to keep your hair straight and smooth

Here are some pro tips on keeping your hair satin smooth:

1 Apply Redken Straight and Smooth to your hair while still damp but not soaking wet. Blow dry using low-heat settings, make sure you are pointing at the scalp that tends to expand the cuticle and gives more volume.

2 When dry, take small sections of hair(I DO MEAN SMALL) and use a good quality flat iron to straighten the hair.

3 If the hair is tough to work with,use a light mist of  Spray Starch 15 by Redken.

4 If this fails, call us.

Happy hair everyone

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