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Miracles by Olympia Keratin Treatment

Hello Everyone,
We are happy to announce a brand new “Brazilian Keratin Treatment” that contains ZERO Formaldehyde. Introducing… Miracles By Olympia Structure Control Treatment.
There are so many things that this great product can do: Brazilian Smoothing, Japanese Smoothing and Amazon Wave.

brazilian treatment3

Now, you can have frizz-free, straight hair without the worry of harsh chemicals that can potentially cause health problems in the future.

The Miracles by Olympia Stucture Control Treatment is a two-phase treatment rich in Keratin, but drum roll please….. It contains NO:
-Replacement aldehyde
-Formalin or other ingredients that release Formaldehyde during heat processing
-Sodium Hydroxide

brazilian treatment2

The Brazilian Keratin Treatment is the thing of the future. For only $450 you can have a safe straightening treatment without Formaldehyde: MIRACLES BY OLYMPIA STRUCTURE CONTROL TREATMENT. Please call the salon (703)-516-9800 to schedule your appointment.

SCS Formula

Rating 3.75 out of 5